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Bio Pharma Day - Virtual Job Fair
dal 3 al 13 ottobre


Bio Pharma Day is the exclusive career day organized by Jobadvisor entirely dedicated to job and training opportunities in the pharma and biotech industry.

We are running the event on-line and in presence. We are now working at the sixth virtual fair edition that will be hold from 3 to 13 October and in presence in Rome on 4 November.
The companies can attend to the virtual session and / or to the event in Rome.   

The virtual event is splitted into three areas: biotech and pharma (green label), medical devices (blu label) and cosmetics (red label).  

The companies attending the event in Rome are indicated with the yellow label.

Bio Pharma Day is addressed to students, graduates and young professionals with a biomedicalbiotechnological, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and healthcaremedical and biomedical engineering background coming from the main Italian universities. 

Are you a Company willing to attend?
For more information or a quotation please contact us: 
T: + 39 393 92.55.808  


Thermo Fisher: presentazione dell'azienda e delle opportunità di inserimento


Here it will be pubblished the webinars calendar. Stay tuned!
You can attend to the live streaming session or you can watch the video recording.


These are the companies that you can meet at Bio Pharma Day - Virtual Job Fair - from 3 to 13 October or in Rome on 4 November.
The virtual event is splitted into three areas: biotech and pharma (green label), medical devices (blu label) and cosmetics (red label).  
The companies attending the event in Rome are indicated with the yellow label.


Below the list of opportunities you can apply for attending the event.
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