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Information about the privacy
Abstract Jobadvisor srl a single shareholder, as set out in Art. 13 in the Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, provides this privacy policy in order to describe the way we treat personal information provided by users. The procedures for collecting and processing data are the following. This privacy policy is related exclusively to the registration to the event International Career Day and to the website
All the above do not apply to websites that were accessed through a connected link. Jobadvisor srl a single shareholder invites the visitors of the site to read through this policy.
Detection of the Holder and the Responsibles of the data
The Holder of the data processing is Jobadvisor srl based in Milan - Via Cucchiari 25, in the person of the sole director Walter Merani. The list with the names of the data processors is available at the office of Jobadvisor srl a single shareholder. Types of the processed data The personal data held by the Holder are used to manage the participation at the event.
Jobadvisor srl a single shareholder uses technology, procedures and processes for the necessary actions in order to:
- manage the data of the customers/visitors in accordance with the requirements of Leg. Dec. 196/2003.
- prevent unauthorized access or disclosure
- maintain the accuracy of the data
- to ensure the appropriate use of the data.

Place and mode of data processing The data processing related to the managed services takes place at the aforementioned office in Milan, and it is handled by internal staff in charge of processing and maintained by third parties, appointed managers. The above data may be used by Jobadvisor srl a single shareholder to process anonymous statistical information and to verify proper operation: for this purpose, the data of web contacts can be stored for a year.
Rights of the interested parties To the at the Holder of the processing and/or at the appointed responsible, previously indicated, the interested parties who have submitted submitted personal data have, as described by articles 7, 8 and 9 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, have the right to:
- ask confirmation about the existence of their own data;
- know the content and origin
- verify its accuracy;
- oppose the processing, for legitimate reasons;
- request deletion.


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