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Formulation scientist

For our office in Naples, we are looking for an Formulation Scientist.

The resource will provide formulative support for the development of new pharmaceutical formulation, including large and small molecules

The activity will be focused especially on the development of liquid and freeze-dried formulations.

The resource will also provide constant support for the complete chemical-physical and analytical characterization of new pharmaceutical formulations.

Facilitating Dompé's access to an international circuit of excellence in technological research field, participating in events and supplying contacts with external parties.


  • Technical support activities for the development and preparation of conventional and innovative formulations;
  • Technological and formulative support studies for ICT projects;
  • Study and fine-tuning of suitable analytical methods (HPLC, biological assays, etc.) for the characterization and stability of new formulations and medical devices;
  • Analytical transfer of the methods developed to internal laboratories (eg CQ / Biotech) or external;
  • Support in scouting new technologies through contact with third parties (research centers, consortia, study groups) by direct contact or participation in courses / congresses;
  • Coordination of contact management activities with third parties;
  • Feasibility studies and evaluation of industrial research projects and scientific development;
  • Drafting and revision of the SOP;
  • Draft clear and comprehensive reports of developed projects;
  • Support for patent activity and the publishing of scientific works;
  • Interaction with researchers from other sections within a project team, referring to the direct superiority of the commitments and programs established and ensuring compliance with the directives and timing;
  • Compilation of laboratory labs;
  • Project proposal;
  • Maintaining an adequate scientific update;
  • Verify product quality standards taking into account customer needs (internal / external) and process characteristics in order to obtain useful information for the knowledge of new formulations in the studio.


Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology (CTF), Pharmacy or ChemistryExcellent knowledge of the English languageKnowledge of the main project management software applicationsKnowledge of formulation analytical techniques, and characterization of protein pharmaceutical forms;Good knowledge of protein stabilization techniques (freeze drying, spray drying);Knowledge of cGMP and ICH regulations concerning pharmaceutical development
Degrees of interest: Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology (CTF), Pharmacy or Chemistry