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Pre-clinical Research - Biochemistry Scientist

Organizational Unit: Pre-clinical R&D - Pharmacokinetic Biochemistry & Metabolism

Responsibilities: Carrying out in vitro ADME studies for Discovery and Early Development projects


  • Development of bioanalytical methods for in vitro ADME studies
  • Planning and conducting in vitro metabolism studies (Clint in hepatocytes and microsomes, metabolic stability in S9 and plasma etc)
  • Planning and conducting CYP450 interaction and induction studies in vitro
  • Reaction phenotyping for enzymes responsible for metabolism
  • Preparation of reports on the analyses carried out
  • Biodistribution studies

Education: Degree in CTF or similar

Experience: At least 3 months of experience in an In Vitro Metabolism Laboratory of a pharmaceutical industry or a university.

Technical skills:

  • Instrumentation: HPLC-MS/MS is a must.
  • Knowledge of microplate reader, PCR, optical and fluorescence microscope, cell culture techniques, in vitro ADME models will be an asset.

Soft skills:

  • autonomy
  • analytical capacity
  • results orientation
  • team working
  • attention to quality

Languages: good english
Contract type: maternity leave
Place of work: Parma, Italy


Degrees of interest: Degree in CTF or similar